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i-Tools is a set of "on demand" online tools which allow customers to keep track of their loads, receive paperwork and notifications, and provides a method of obtaining documents such as PODs (proof of deliveries).

Built using the latest of internet technologies, i-Tools lets you get at your information regardless of your location. Whether you're on the road, at home, or in the office as usual your information is available when you want it... whenever you want it.

Featuring advanced i-Trace, i-Track and i-View

Functions that empower tracking of both current and future orders.
  • Trace an individual shipment instantly via Quick Trace using your shipment reference (Bill of Lading) number
  • Bison customers are in control.
    • You are the "I" in i-Track
    • You control your information subscriptions
  • Subscribe to receive email i-Track Reports
    • Load Tracing Reports
    • After the fact Delivery Reports and more
  • Subscribe to receive shipment Event Notifications via email including:
    • Pick up notification
    • Delivery notification, etc.
      • View the exact GPS satellite location of your shipments in transit
        • Online website tracking with hourly updates
  • Fast online POD access
    • View, email or print your proofs of delivery